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You tank/automotive, aviation and marine mechanics will appreciate E-Z Grip now available in the supply system under MSN 6850-01-420-9041 for wet applications and 6850-01-418-8759 for aviation and and tank automotive maintenance applications.

If you are having trouble with stripped or cambered out fasteners (screw, Nut, Bolt, Allen) or your tool is worn out and won't grab (Wrench, Pliers, Socket, Pipe Wrench) or if your tool is misaligned to the fastener, and you know it might slip off and strip a fastener and bust your knuckles, you can now put a drop or more of E-Z Grip friction drops on your tool or fastener and jiggle your tool in the fastener to align particles to increase the gripping power. You can also use it as a preventative so you will not strip the fastener next time you need to remove it. Saves wear on tools and your knuckles too.

We have tried it here at APO and it works very well.

CWS Duncan
Office Chief of Ordnance


Boeing Commercial Al@ Group P.O. Box 3707 Seattle, WA 98124-2207

October 13, 1995

Dear . . .

It was a pleasure having you come to our facilities on Friday October 6, and demonstrating the E/Z Grip compound to us.

When I first received the phone call from Bob Findley, your Seattle associate, I was a little reluctant to have all our other groups involved. I took the chance, based on what Bob said, and the results have been overwhelming.

As of Tuesday, October 10, I received a verbal okay from our Boeing Material Technology Division to use the product on stripped fasteners. This was based on the MSDS and performance. That afternoon, I demonstrated the product to some senior level managers along with other developments. The response has been very positive, with commerts such as 11 Should have had this years ago".

On Thursday, October 12, E/Z Grip was shown to the U.S. Army Reserve Center, and British Airways. Both demonstrations were so positive, that one remark was, "The price was insignificant to the cost of the maintenance task".

I have never seen any item ever get approval in Boeing for use in three working days. I have told some colleagues of mine that I have to frame the approval memo. I have though'-. of sending it to Frank Schrontz, our CEO. You definitely have a miracle compound.


M. Williamson





2 Aug 95


Having tried the product E/Z Grip here at Robins AFB, we hereby attest to its effectiveness in removing damaged fasteners.

If this product is made available, the expected benefits would include significant savings in manhours, not to mention reduced frustration to the technicians.

We urge you to take the necessary steps to make this product available.

DAVID OLEARY WG- IO, Aircraft Mechanic LBPM Production Branch C- 13 0 System Program Office

TOMMY JARRELL WG- IO, Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanic LBPM Production Branch C-130 System Program Office

Printed on recycled paper


I am an Air Force Reserve Technician with the 439th Aircraft Wing in Chicopee Massachusetts.  

I have a friend who sent me a bottle of your product.  Thinking it would not work I put it in my locker to gather dust.  One night while trying to take panels off an aircraft engine I was met with frustration and skinned knuckles. I tried everything I mean everything I could think of to get these screws out.  I used a Johnson Bar and even attached a breaker bar to get more leverage.  Nothing was working at all! I was about to go get a drill to drill the tops of the screws off and deal with whatever damage it might cause when I remembered the bottle of EZ Grip in my locker.  I figured what the heck, why not, I have already wasted hours on this already.  So, I got the bottle and followed the direction and OUT they came with just regular screw driver!  I was so happy I thought I was going to bust a gut with joy.  In no time at all I had the panels off and was singing praises about your product.  The jet was fixed and made the mission on time all due to your product.  Since then we have ordered it for the base and everyone thinks this is the best product they have ever used.  We think its better than sliced bread!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Lloyd Elliott, SSgt, USAFR 


Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the samples of your “ez grip” formula provided for our scrutiny.

The product was impressive when used as you suggested for removing partially rounded out phillips type screws. One drop of ez grip in the screw slot eliminated the cam out action of the screwdriver, and made the removal of the screw an effortless operation. Removing a stubborn screw of this type in the past would require either a special impact driver, or a chiseling, drilling and time.

For your information, these samples were demonstrated and made available to other shops, and maintenance personnel with the following resulting applications:

  • Removal of straight blade screws
  • Removal of partially rounded out “allen” or “torx” type screws
  • Removing high torque screws on aluminum engines i.e. motorcycles, lawnmower, outboard, and automotive
  • A drop in a socket wrench will help remove a partially rounded hex head machine screw. This will also help a worn socket
  • Removing badly corroded fasteners i.e. salt water contact, electrolysis, and plumbing
  • A drop in the S.A.E. socket can aid in removing a mismatched metric screw in many size ranges, and the reverse holds true.
  • A few drops on the wrench surface of a nut will eliminate slipping of an adjustable, or open end wrench
  • A few drops on a slick pipe surface will assist the pipe wrench in a firm grip
  • In the case of damage internal threads, a drop can create an interference fit Note: This is a relatively permanent bond and should only be done when disassembly or removal is not necessary
  • A drop on the metal contact surface of a nut, or flange surface of a screw fastener, will, in some cases eliminate the need for a shake proof or locking washer

These are some of the interesting uses, and applications to date. The general observation is that once a person uses this product on a problem fastener, they will use it consistently as part of the removal procedure. Most of the maintenance people agree that a bottle of ez grip should be part of their tool pouch.


REF: EZ Grip Friction Drops (Aircraft Grade)  Testimonials

(1)  I first came across ‘EZ Grip’ approximately 10 years ago whilst working for British Airways Plc on their ‘shorthaul’ fleets and found what an amazing product it was for removing stubborn or damaged screws and preventing screw bit ‘cam out’.

Since then, ‘EZ Grip’ has been a permanent part of my toolkit where-ever I’ve worked and a much borrowed product by fellow Aircraft Engineers; it has saved the day whilst removing panels and components on too many occasions to list.

Again, I cannot emphasise enough how much easier it is to remove fasteners with just a drop or two of ‘EZ Grip’ than without.

Well done on producing an excellent product, keep up the good work!!

Yours sincerely,

Simon Vardy
Aircraft Line Engineer
London Heathrow Airport.

Just to let you know, I was persuaded to buy this product by one of the guys who works for me. Frankly, I did not think it could do anything that it claimed. However, it is BRILLIANT stuff!
I cannot even now believe how effective it is! Even chewed up screws are easy grip and remove.

David Hockings
Cristal Air Ltd.
East Sussex

United Kingdom


  I own a 2400 sq. ft. cabinet shop in Southern California with quite a bit of machinery. Needless to say, something is always broke down or needs maintenance on it. While attempting to  change blades on one of the planners, I managed to "round out" 4 of the gib bolts...and I mean "round out"! They are located in a 3/8 " wide channel that takes a 8mm open end wrench. I tried everything, as one could imagine, and got nowhere. Finally ( searching on line) I found your product and thought I'd give it a try.To be honest, I did find it a little hard to believe what I was reading.Anyway, I received the ezgrip in about 3 days ( which is amazing in its self ) and went to work on those bolts. I have one thing to say " YOUR PRODUCT IS FRIGGING UNREAL!!!" 3 of the bolts came out like they were saying to me" What,we're not rounded out." The last one I had to use the" jiggle the wrench " a little more trick... then it gripped ( unbelievable ) came right out!

If I had not experienced this for my self, I'm telling you, I would not believe it!

Thank You EZGRIP,I know now what to use when in a bind, and I'm sure I'll have more of them.

Sincere Thanks,
Van Cleve’s Cabinetry
San Jacinto, CA
Peter Van Cleve, Owner



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